What is a CFO?

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the financial affairs of the corporation. Beyond making sure “your books are right”, a CFO works closely with management to provide critical decision-making data, address compliance issues such as filing and paying taxes, and is a helpful partner that works with your staff to guide the company’s strategy.

With TSK Accounting at your side, you have access to a CFO on-demand. We go beyond the number crunching and help you look at your financial data when making key decisions.

This process encompasses everything from determining the best software solutions for your company to suit your needs, analyzing your chart-of-account set up, and giving you the financial reports to make decisions. We complete the cycle by analyzing your data and assisting with financial statements, budgeting and forecasting.

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CFO On-Demand Features & Benefits

Not every company needs a full-time CFO on staff, but you can certainly benefit from having one on-demand. Gain access to our team when…

  • It’s time for budgeting and forecasting for next year.
  • You’re planning an expansion or acquisition and need your infrastructure to expand to meet your needs.
  • You need financing and financial statements for your bank. Make sure you can meet the covenants of financing.

CFO Services goes beyond daily accounting operations into analysis of your data, technology and processes to maximize growth and profitability.

Improving Profitability with CFO Services

Financial statements are just reports unless you know how to use them. Don’t let yours be just another report that you glance at and toss on your desk.

Your income statement provides headline figures that investors or creditors look at to gain a broad view of your work performance. Learning how to drill down into those numbers to see what drives your profits or what is hindering performance is the key to improving profitability. Learn how to really look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Looking at your information from 35,000 feet is helpful, but imagine when you can substantiate a perspective with data and can see every layer of what makes you profitable.

TSK Accounting’s CFO Services will provide a mastery of daily accounting operations while giving your company the strategic view of overall productivity and data analysis to uncover profitability and opportunities you could be benefiting from.

Business Infrastructure Expansion

Are you growing? Nothing can stress your company and staff like expansion. This is where we excel. TSK Accounting helps to manage your infrastructure expansion by working with your staff to plan, implement and train.

Our CFO Services is ideal for the fast-paced changing environments where bringing together the consistent performance in daily accounting processes, coupled with the strategic mindset of the high-level view of a CFO role, to provide a deeper level of insight into performance.

Let us guide your company’s growth trajectory with CFO Services

Let us guide your company's growth trajectory with

CFO Services & Financial consulting.

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